Lodging Facilities

About the bungalow

Stay up all night talking under the stars and listening to the waves.
Guests are welcome to stay in one of 26 beachfront bungalows.
Enjoy summer to the max. After frolicking on the beach all afternoon, settle in for fireworks and campfires at night.
Lodging reservations/inquiries:

Lodging fee

Overnight stay/price per person(including tax. A separate 200 yen accommodation tax is required.)

Adults (middle school-aged and up)

Type A (two-story) Weekday: 4,000 yen Weekend/Holiday: 5,000 yen
Type B (single-story) Weekday: 3,500 yen Weekend/Holiday: 4,500 yen
Type C (single-story) Weekday: 3,500 yen Weekend/Holiday: 4,500 yen

Children (elementary school-aged)

2,500 yen (same on weekend/holiday)

Children (three years old and up)

2,000 yen (same on weekend/holiday)

Check in/Check out

Check-in 13:00 (Guests are welcome to arrive in the village and play on the beach before check-in.)
Check-out: next morning at 10:00AM


Adults: 20 person
Adults: 16 person
Adults: 10 person


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