Rental products

About the Rental products

We offer a wide array of rental goods, ranging from inflatable swim rings and boats for the beach, tableware and cookware for camping, as well as blankets and mats with built-in pillows. Feel free to arrive on the island empty-handed. We’ve got you covered.
Iron “okama” pot: 500 yen
Large “nabe” pot: 500 yen
Kettle: 300 yen
Firewood bundle: 300 yen
Blanket: 300 yen
Sleeping bag: 300 yen
Mat with pillow: 300 yen
Tableware set (for four people): 500 yen
Knife: 100 yen
Cutting board: 100 yen
Colander: 100 yen
Swim ring (large) 500 yen
Swim ring (small): 300 yen
Rowboat (one hour): 500 yen
Rowboat (one day): 800 yen

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